The State Labour Inspectorate

The State Labour Inspectorate [Państwowa Inspekcja Pracy] is an organ whose activity includes supervision and inspection of the observance by employers of labour law, in particular rules and regulations of safety and health at work, regulations concerning employment relationship, remuneration for work and other benefits resulting from employment relationship, working time, leaves, protection of working parents, and employment of adolescents and disabled people.

The SLI as an organ inspecting the observance by employers of labour law has the right to carry out inspections in places of employment and, discovering infringements on employee’s rights, may participate as a public prosecutor before the court. The SLI is also obliged to analyse the employees’ complaints, on discrimination too, and take relevant legal action. The anonymity of the petitioner is preserved. The labour inspector is obliged not to reveal information that the inspections have been carried out as a result of the complaint unless the petitioner agrees to it in writing.

Complaints concerning the infringement on employee’s rights may be lodged at the SLI in writing, by telegraph, fax, e-mail, and orally in a protocol.

Note! The State Labour Inspectorate provides free of charge advice concerning labour rights.

District Labour Inspectorate in Warsaw [Okręgowy Inspektorat Pracy w Warszawie]

Open from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

16 Lindleya Str
00-973 Warsaw
5th floor, room 501

(0-22) 583-17-27

The list of District Labour Inspectorates in Poland can be found on

The State Labour Inspectorate [Państwowa Inspekcja Pracy]
The Chief Labour [Główny Inspektorat Pracy]
38/42 Krucza Str
00-926 Warsaw
fax (022) 625 47 70; 022 628 41 13