The Commissioner for Civil Rights Protection

The Commissioner for Civil Rights Protection [Rzecznik Praw Obywatelskich] is a constitutional legal protection authority, independent from other institutions and sovereign in his actions. The basic task of the Commissioner for Civil Rights Protection is to safeguard the liberties and rights of citizens as set forth in the Constitution and in other legal acts. Everyone has the right to apply to the Commissioner for Civil Rights Protection for assistance in protection of their freedoms or rights infringed by organs of public authority. It means that a Polish citizen or an alien subject to the law of the Republic of Poland, a legal person, or even an organizational unit without such a personality if, in accordance with the regulations, it can be subject to rights and duties, as well as organization of citizens or a self-government authority has a right to apply for the assistance of the Commissioner.

When addressing a motion to the Commissioner you should:

  • give the name and surname;
  • give the address and postal code for the correspondence;
  • explain the case in a detailed way and provide concise and clear arguments pointing out that liberty or rights have been infringed;
  • attach indispensable documents (photocopies or copies).

The motion addressed to the Commissioner is free of charge.

The Commissioner may provide legal advice pointing to possible legal means of remedy, yet he cannot act on behalf of the plaintiff. The Commissioner may, among other things:

  • demand that proceedings be instituted in civil cases and participate in any ongoing proceedings;
  • demand that administration proceedings be instituted, lodge complaints against decisions to administrative court and participate in such proceedings;
  • apply for a penalty for an offence, as well as for reversal of a legally valid decision concerning an offence case;
  • lodge cassation or an extraordinary appeal against a legally valid decision.

More information on the Commissioner and an electronic motion can be found on

Office of the Commissioner for Civil Rights Protection [Biuro Rzecznika Praw Obywatelskich]
77 Al. Solidarności
00-090 Warsaw
phone (0 22) 55 17 700
fax (0 22) 827 64 53